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HyloFlex™ for Equine & Livestock

Selecting an animal for competition is something that is done with the highest level of attention and effort. The same should apply to supplements you choose to feed your animals.
Rapid growth, weight gain, and stress from hauling and showing are all stress on the animal's joints, on top of the natural process of aging. All of these events lead to reduced production of Synovial fluid (joint fluid) that can cause structural issues like soreness and lameness, lack of flexibility, and clicking or popping in the pasterns. This discomfort and pain can also lead to loss of appetite. 

HyloFlex™ is a high-molecular weight, bio-available Hyaluronic Acid (HA) supplement that helps to protect the joints from these issues by replicating the joint fluid that is naturally occurring, but has slowed production due to the stresses previously mentioned. Ensuring your animal's joints are adequately cushioned and lubricated with HyloFlex™ will aid in maintaining healthy joints and comfortable movement. 
Furthermore, the ability to feed a superior-quality and effective HA supplement orally is a game changer. No trips to the vet, injections, sedation, or withdrawal periods are needed for administration. HyloFlex™ also contains Vitamin C, which aids in collagen production, immune system support, and healthy skin and coat. 

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Cindy Rawson

EEBW, Myofascial Release practitioner,

5 Star Event Rider

"As a Myofascial Release practitioner and former 5 star event rider I am asked to work with many horses suffering from chronic osteoarthritic conditions. Myofascial work effectively releases horses’ soft tissue restrictions, but horses with arthritic conditions often have underlying tissue inflammation causing fascial restrictions to recur.


By feeding Hyloflex my clients and I have found that not only are horses much more comfortable and mobile, but my treatments have a much longer lasting effect. Over the past 2 years I have used Hyloflex on many horses and dogs with arthrtis and all have reacted positively. I can highly recommend Hyloflex both for horses and dogs suffering from arthritis and as an effective preventative measure for sport horses in general."

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