• Protects joint function • Replenishes lubrication within joints • Promotes flexibility and soundness • Bio-available formula • Highest effective oral molecular weight • Vitamin C for immune system function and collagen production


  • 102mg of high-molecular weight, bio-available HA per mL
  • Recommended maintenance dose: 2mL per 100lbs of bodyweight


One 85oz bottle contains 1256 doses for a 100lb animal.

For a 1000lb animal, that is about 126 doses, or a 4.2 month supply. 


*Dosage, and price per dose, varies depending on the weight of the animal and whether the animal is being administered a loading dose or a maintenance dose. For optimum results, the recommended dose should be doubled at least one week before competition or travel, during recovery from injury or a procedure, or if the animal is overweight or senior - this is called a loading dose. The loading dose can be administered at 2mL per 100lbs of bodyweight twice daily, or doubled and administered once daily. 



HyloFlex - 2.5 Liter/85 fl. oz.