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 I use HyloFlex on all of my performance horses to keep their joints lubricated and functioning properly so they can perform at the highest level.  Showing all day and hauling to shows puts a lot of stress on the joints of a horse. Sliding, spinning, less than ideal footing, 6+ classes a day these are all asking a lot of the skeletal system. I want to do all I can to keep my horses joints healthy and lubricated so they have cushion and move properly. These  horses give me their all and keeping them sound and comfortable is something I take very seriously.  HyloFlex has made a huge difference in my horses and dogs- they changed in front of my eyes! My 15 year old mini aussie could jump on the bed again and ran around like a 5 year old after just a few weeks of taking HyloFlex.  One horse in particular quit acting up and started to enjoy his job after months of struggling with him. I even thought about selling him. Adding HyloFlex to his maintenance keeps a constant supply of Hyaluronic Acid distributed to the synovial fluid and tissues.  I take pure HA, the human version of HyloFlex; and it has decreased my joint pain drastically! I know this product works!  It is easy to use- just pour onto their feed, they cannot leave it behind! I will always use this product to keep my horses performing comfortably and at the best of their ability.

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