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HyloFlex™ for your Pets

In all life stages, your pet's health and comfort is your number one concern. One of leading causes of pain and discomfort in pets is joint issues (hips, elbows, toes, shoulders, etc.). HyloFlex can fix that. In addition to preventing and repairing joint issues, HyloFlex™ is also an excellent supplement to promote healthy skin & coat, and stimulate the immune system to protect your pet from the inside out. 


Young pets are growing rapidly until they reach one to two years of age. While in their youth, they typically produce the necessary amount of quality joint fluid (Synovial fluid), however that production quickly decreases as they reach adulthood. Furthermore, while in their rapidly growing phase, their joints can benefit from the added support and protection from HyloFlex™. 

By supplementing your pet early with HyloFlex™, you can help prevent issues from arising due to growth, weight gain, or stress from exercise or play time. 

Puppies in training for competition, or simply living an active lifestyle, can especially benefit from a joint supplement to keep them feeling, and moving, their best. 

Puppy Play

By the age of two years old, your pet's natural production of joint fluid (Synovial fluid) has significantly decreased. At this age and older, they are more susceptible to joint issues due to injury, weight gain, strenuous exercise, or simply genetics!


By keeping your pets supplemented with HyloFlex™, you can get a head start on preventing joint and mobility issues, or help to repair damage that has already occurred and relive pain. 

Pets that that particularly benefit from HyloFlex™ supplementation are those that: 

  • Live an active lifestyle: frequent walks, running, hiking, high impact activities like fetching, jumping, climbing, dock diving, etc. 

  • Participate in sport and competition: agility, herding, flyball, conformation, hunting, retrieving, etc. 

  • Are a breed where joint and mobility issues are particularly common 


While it is important for pets in all life stages to receive joint supplements, it is a particular priority in senior-aged pets (7+). You'll notice there are special formulas for older pets in almost every product: food, vitamins, medication. That is because as pets age, similar to humans, their natural production of certain compounds in the body such as joint fluid (Synovial fluid) and collagen dramatically decrease. This is what leads to mobility and flexibility issues that cause pain, discomfort, and long term damage. 

By replenishing the fluid in the joints with HyloFlex™, you are supplementing your pet with something they naturally produce and need in their body, but no longer are able to produce at an effective level. Additionally, HyloFlex™ contains Vitamin C, which aids in the production of collagen and promotes a healthy immune system. 

Shannon L.
from Texas

HyloFlex has changed our pets' lives! We have two adult dogs who have had hip and joint issues, and one senior-aged cat that had slowed down and really did not seem to feel good. We started adding HyloFlex to all of their morning meals and it's like they are all back to their puppy and kitten attitudes when we first brought them home! They all play together again and our stairs in the house no longer phase them. This product has worked wonders and kept them off of side-effect filled and pricey prescriptions.

Cat and Dog
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